7 Traits of a Blissful Marriage


  1. They are respectful of one another - Blissful couples treat their partners with respect. They understand that everyone is different and has their way of perceiving and viewing the world which dramatically impacts how they express opinions, beliefs and values so it is important to remain respectful when you disagree on topics. 

  2. They are not afraid to address issues - whether you think you saw him flirting with a server when you were out to dinner, or she was having a phone conversation with her ex or something was posted on his Facebook profile which caused you concern, feeling that you can talk about your feelings with your partner is a great sign of a healthy relationship. The more couples avoid talking about, and resolving issues, the more they build up resentment, confusion and insecurities, that are sure to prove toxic for your relationship. 

  3. They feel comfortable respecting each others interest and space - Because  you and your spouse probably have different personalities, different interests and hobbies, be it a creative outlet or a your need for a weekend getaway with your best friends it is a good sign when couples feel confident about their spouse having time to pursue their unique interests. What usually gets in the way of giving this gift of space or time is trust. If your partner does not trust you, be sincere in trying to discover the source of that distrust. If you have betrayed your partner, do all you can to win back their trust.

  4. Each individual accepts and appreciates their partner - Acceptance and appreciation are two of the greatest gifts we give to those we love. There might be facets of your partner's personality which you feel are annoying. Couples who define their relationships as blissful feel that their partners respect and accept them for who they really are, and more than accept, they show appreciation. Expressing appreciation in words, and actions helps strengthen and enhance a marriage.

  5. They work to keep their romance alive - What can you do that is exciting, fun and interesting with your partner. Plan trips together, go salsa dancing, surprise each other with thoughtful gifts and allow them to pick the experience every once and awhile. Blissful couples report that they have never stopped dating. They have not stopped writing poetry, sending kind notes or flowers, doing something thoughtful. 

  6. They humor each other - Humor is so very necessary in relationships because it often greases the wheels of a relationship during times of stress. Blissful couples report that they love to laugh together, have many private jokes and genuinely enjoy one another most of the time.

  7. They avoid ruts - Blissful couples avoid ruts. They are open to new experiences and learning new things together. They take up hobbies together like gardening, painting, cooking, yoga, sailing; all of these experiences can help keep interest, excitement and intimacy growing strong. Activities together strengthen a couple’s bond. Also, exploring a new hobby will give you some much needed time to spend together and a break from your everyday ‘what has to be done’ schedule. 

    A blissful marriage is similar to a finely-tuned race car. If you want to win the race your car must operate optimally, and if you want your car to operate optimally, you have to insure that it is maintained well. Change the oil regularly, check and rotate the tires, keep the engine tuned, and if you do chances dramatically increase that you will win the race.