How to deal with people losing it all around me

I can't handle my own thoughts and fears,

let alone the thoughts and fears of others

One of the most intense and difficult challenges we will face during a major life stressor is how to deal with people who are losing it all around us.


Different personalities process information differently. Also, there are centered personality tendencies and extreme personality tendencies and when there is a crisis, many people move into their extreme versions of their stress handling tendencies without even realizing it.


Cancer patients have repeatedly reported to me that while they feel they are drowning under waves of confusion and terror, the people around them seem to go crazy. It is very difficult to understand why those you love behave very strangely. They might get overly bossy, short and abrupt, too clingy, too needy, too desperate and all be screaming different commands at the same time.


What you will learn in dealing with those who are traumatized around you:


  • How to understand and manage your thoughts and feelings by understanding your centered and extreme personality tendencies.

  • How to understand and manage your partners thoughts and feelings by understanding your partner's centered and extreme personality tendencies.

  • How to positively impact and alter the destructive ways you are currently relating.

  • How to better communicate your floods of thoughts and feelings in a more powerfully, effective and respectful manner.

  • You will gain knowledge necessary to understand why the people you love, and who love you. seem to be derailing instead of understanding your needs.

  • Acquire tools to help you evaluate your behavior and expectations around your illness and treatment

  • Gain knowledge and develop skills that will help you better communicate with your doctors and care givers

  • Better understand yourself, your personality tendencis and your wants and needs

  • Become a better, more insightful person and potential partner, no matter what choice you make about your future treatment options