Happily Ever After Starts Here

and they lived Happily Ever After . . .


One of the most dangerous myths perpetrated on marriage.


Happily Ever After is a commitment, not a promise.


Happily Ever After is a promise you make to yourself, not a promise that is magically fulfilled by saying "I DO".


It is YOU, and only YOU, that can choose to create happiness every day.

It is YOU, and only YOU, that can commit to forgiving over and over again.

It is YOU, and only YOU, that can remember the great value of your relationship every day, especially when you don't feel like remembering.

It is YOU, and only YOU, that can keep your sacred promises and convenants with your beloved.

It is YOU, and only YOU, that can break your word, break a promise or break your beloved's heart.


Use your love each day like a favorite pillow:


  • fall on it when you are too angry to feel loving.

  • Grab it when you want to hit something, especially your beloved.

  • Allow its softness to catch your fall when you have a day where you feel love breaks your heart,
    because love will never break your heart, but it will always  break your fall.

  • Rest on it when you are tired, cranky, confused, bitter or feeling entitled.

  • Stuff it into your mouth whenever you are about to say something unkind that you will regret later.

  • Scream into it when  you are so angry you can't  help but scream.

  • Throw it across the room when you cannot stop yourself from taking an angry action.


Allow your love, as a favorite pillow, to remind you: 


Happily Ever After starts here, depends on YOU, and does not end til death parts you.


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