What does it mean to say "I DO"?

When you say "I DO" remember what you are saying "I DO" to.


Your "I DO" does NOT mean 

  • "you will feel" blissfully in love every day. 

  • "you will" never go to bed without a kiss. 

  • "you will" always “feel” loving and attracted to your husband/wife.

  • "you will" expect only sunshine and rose petals. 

  • "you will" finally get to fall short of your promises.

  • "you will" never feel like hitting your spouse in the head with a tennis racket (although you are never allowed to do what you feel)

  • "you now" do not have to continue to be the best version of you, you know how to be.

  • "you will" expect your partner to be the one to always say 'sorry'.

  • your spouse will never behave like a  horses rear-end.

  • that you will never have to bite your tongue.

  • that you will not have to remind yourself that this IS your spouse and you will respect them, even when they don't deserve it. 



You are saying “I DO. . .”

  • promise to love my beloved with all my heart now, tomorrow and every day in the future, even when they fall short.

  • commit my life to loving, supporting, encouraging and inspiring my beloved.

  • promise to sacrifice my ego for the sake and sanctity of our relationship.

  • hold my beloved in my heart as the treasure they are. And will forgive them over and over and over and over again.

  • promise to be faithful, not only with my body, but with my heart, mind and soul.

  • give them the best of me even when they are sharing the worst of them.

  • put our relationship above my needs, for it is a wonderfully healthy relationship we both need most.

  • commit to using all the patience I am capable of.

  • to loving them with all my heart even when I am so mad I want to strangle them.

  • commit to acting loving toward them even when I don’t feel like it.

  • give them the best of me, even when I feel they deserve the worst.

  • commit to going to, and trusting GOD with the inevitable problems I experience with my beloved.

  • commit to caring, sharing, daring, and doing all I can to prove my love every day.

  • forgive them in advance for behaving in ways that hurt my heart, for I know that deep down I am the beloved and my only job is to act in accordance with love

  • commit to putting up with their family, because they are now MY family too.

  • promise to do what I say I will do, when I say I will do it because they deserve to trust my word so that they can know that when I say “I DO”, I mean "I Will for ever more."