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  Relationship Healing 

   Mind - Body Healing   

Find Peace  and Guidance at The Healing Resort

The Healing Resort is a refuge for people who are dealing with extreme life stressors. Whether the stressors are serious physical illnesses, such as cancer, or the stressors are more emotional and relational due to marriage, family or work challenges, The Healing Resort is a place to be counseled, trained, educated and encouraged as you discover answers that best suit your healing needs.

Escape the Craziness and Find Yourself Once Again

At The Healing Resort, you can enjoy group, couples training, individual training and personal intensives. Relationship, communication and personality expert Dawn Billings, shares her over 40 years of experience, knowledge, guidance and wisdom and customizes each intensive to your personality and needs.

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People diagnosed with Cancer or other frightening illnesses 

often struggle emotionally with the disease and its treatment. You may feel anxious, depressed, angry or fearful, worried about hair loss, lack of intimacy and sexual identity issues.

Our mind-body healing training help patients deal with anxiety, fear, relational sruggles and stress management throughout their treatment.

At the Healing Resort, we understand that cancer patients, as well as others with serious illnesses are likely concerned about the well-being of their loved ones. All the services are also available to your caregivers, friends and family members.

"There are many words I could use to describe Dawn Billings, all of them extremely positive. Dawn is a restorer of people, hearts and marriages. She is energetic, insightful, honest, highly motivated, gifted, full of integrity, exceptionally talented and full of God's wisdom.

I would recommend her for any task. She guided my wife and I through a very difficult time in our marriage, and today our marriage is stronger than it has ever been. Dawn is a blessing and ready to bless others at all times."                                          - Dr. Raj Patel

"Being suddenly diagnosed with colon cancer and finding myself walking out of the hospital with a colostomy bag was definitely one of the most horrible and terrifying experiences of my life. I was terrified, confused, angry, lost and over-medicated. When I arrived at the Healing Resort to work with Dawn Billings, I felt like I had stepped on sacred soil. Dawn, with the Primary Colors Personality tool, helped me understand my thoughts, reactions and choices, but equally as important, she helped me gain an understanding of different personalities of my family and friends that were struggling around me, which in turn helped me make better sense of the craziness that surrounds serious illnesses. I highly recommend Dawn Billings and the amazingly comfortable, and beautiful,  Healing Resort."                                                            Rachell Hall

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The HEALING Resort

Fly into the easily accessible Phoenix Sky Harbor airport.Dawn L. Billings, author and relationship expert will be your relationship coach at this intimate, healing couples retreat resort. 

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