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We Are Excited to Announce our New Relationship Training

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Learn more about our focus on healing and strengthening Relationships. Visit our new site . Relationship Help Resort

The Healing Resort is a refuge for those looking for answers. From our fabulous luxury women's retreats for prime time women, to discovering answers to health, life and relationship stressors, at The Healing Resort, we provide the guidance and interventions you need to feel more energy, beauty, connection and joy in your life. Whether the stressors are physical, such as irritating menopausal changes, fatigue, depression, hormonal imbalances, aging issues or the stressors are more emotional and relational due to marriage, family or work challenges, The Healing Resort is a place to be counseled, guided, trained, educated and encouraged as you discover answers that best help you regain the quality of life you most desire.

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Relationship Help

Other Healing Modalities


At the Healing Resort we care as much about the physical body as we do about your emotional state. There are many things that cause us to be fearful in today's world and we want to aid you in understanding how to better care for your physical body as well.

We are aligned with some amazing professionals that can help you deal with any physical issues before they turn into disease.

One of our healing partners is Thermal Imaging Centers of America. Thermal Imaging Scans have shown to detect breast cancer cells up to 10 years earlier than traditional mammography scans can. Thermography is an FDA approved, physiology test that relies on the sympathetic nerve control of skin blood flow. It also tests the ability of the sympathetic nervous system to respond to and react to pain, pathology, injury or dysfunction anywhere in the body. While other diagnostics such as ultrasound, radiography and mammography show the body’s structure or anatomy, DITI (digital infrared thermal imaging) shows physiologic and metabolic processes instead.


Let's face it, relationships can be very challenging and sometimes leave us feeling frustrated, resentful, angry, even broken-hearted. Research has also proven that challenging and stressful relationships can also be very bad for our health.

There is no education or training in schools and even colleges that addresses these common issues that can pull and tear relationship apart. That is where Dawn Billings comes in. With 45 years of expertise and experience personality, communication and relationship expert Dawn Billings has helped thousands of people to better understand themselves and those they care about. That is the purpose of the Relationship Healing Resort. The Individual and Couples intensives are for people who prefer one-on-one focused attention.


Dawn has also created on online comprehensive relationship program Relationship Help At Home. For less than two private sessions with Dawn, you can bring her knowledge, expertise, humor and insights home to you. Dawn calls her program a master's degree in loving relationships. 

Hormone and Menopause Help


Dr. Laura is licensed to practice acupuncture, botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine, chiropractic manipulation, nutrition and diet consulting, and we are also licensed to perform minor surgery. Her style of medicine is more than holistic, it is integrative medicine treating the whole person.


Do you feel you are not getting the information you need to live your best life through and after menopause? It's time to take some time just for yourself and enjoy a luxury "Pause".

Now you can combine a spa trip with professional advice for taming hot flashes and annoying menopause issues. From facial and massage appointments, enjoying pool pilates (easy on your body and joints but quite the wonderful workout) to fabulous dinner with new friends (women who are like-minded and curious about how to better live their best lives. You can take a series of personality tests and gain great insight into you and the people you love, learn to strengthen your relationships and receive great advice and strategies to help you deal with hormonal fluctuations and annoying sleep issues. It's now all available on a menopause vacation. Medical doctors like Dr. Laura Markison, NMD, a hormone and menopause specialist, thermal imaging specialists like Kerry Press the founder of Thermal Imaging Centers of America and relationship and personality expert Dawn Billings, founder of the  and a host of other fabulous female experts join their talents in creating a once in a lifetime healing experience just for women who are coming of age.

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Dr. Laura has advanced training in hormone balancing and bioidentical hormone replacement as well as my bioidentical hormone pellet certification with Pellacome. Pellacome offers an innovative way to insert pellets to reduce patient discomfort, reduce time inserting the pellets, and the advanced pellet delivery system guides the pellets for even distribution.

She also offers PRF and stem cell facials. Plasma-rich fibrin, PRF, is an advanced system from CosmoFrance offering a higher quality of stem cells than PRP (platelet-rich plasma) facials. The PRF obtained from your blood will stimulate more growth factors which in turn stimulates collagen growth which gives the skin a fuller look, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Escape the Craziness and Find Yourself Once Again

At The Relationship Healing Resort, you can enjoy individual and couples private therapy intensives, as well as, group couples retreats. Relationship, communication and personality expert Dawn Billings, shares her over 45 years of experience, knowledge, guidance and wisdom and customizes each intensive to YOU, your personality tendencies and needs, as she focused on your specific and challenging issues.

"There are many words I could use to describe Dawn Billings, all of them extremely positive. Dawn is a restorer of people, hearts and marriages. She is direct, but kind. She calls a spade a spade, but teaches you to play a happier more successful game of life. She is compassionate, energetic, insightful, honest, highly motivated, gifted, full of integrity, exceptionally talented and full of God's wisdom.

I would highly recommend Dawn for any couple in search of answers. She guided my wife and I through a very difficult time in our marriage, and today our marriage is stronger than it has ever been. Dawn is a blessing and ready to bless others at all times."   

                                                                     Dr. Raj Patel

"Being diagnosed with colon cancer and finding myself walking out of the hospital with a colostomy bag was definitely one of the most horrible and terrifying experiences of my life. I was terrified, confused, angry, lost and over-medicated. When I arrived at the Healing Resort to work with Dawn Billings, I felt like I had stepped on sacred soil. Dawn, with the Primary Colors Relationship Personality tool, helped me understand my thoughts, reactions and choices, but equally as important, she helped me gain an understanding of different personalities of my family and friends that were struggling around me, which in turn helped me make better sense of the craziness that surrounds serious illnesses. I highly recommend Dawn Billings and the amazingly comfortable, and beautiful,  Healing Resort."                                                            Rachell Hall

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The HEALING Resort
Strengthen and Heal Your Relationships

Fly into the easily accessible Phoenix Sky Harbor airport.Dawn L. Billings, author and relationship expert will be your relationship coach at this intimate, healing couples retreat resort. 

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