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Why Should I (We) Attend?

There are many reasons to attend and just as many excuses not to.  Isn't it time that you invested the time, energy and resources in saving your marriage?
Dawn Billings can save your marriage
Your Relationship is in danger and you don't know what to do next.
We have higher education for everything except the things we need most, relationships and parenting. Most of us fall in love without ever really learning what it means to love. If you want understand what went wrong in your relationship so that you can fix what is broken and create the relationship you long for in your heart, this couple's therapy retreat was created just for you.
Don't put off the greatest gift you will ever give to one another, the gift of learning to understand yourself and your partner in a way that brings you back to love.
  • You feel you have grown apart.
  • Your marriage feels like it is falling apart.​
  • Stubbornness gets in the way of love. 
  • You feel you are emotionally neglected
  • You want to feel intimate and attracted again.
  • You can't communicate. Your partner isn't listening.
  • Life together is no longer fun.
  • You escalate quickly to yelling and name calling.
  • Midlife Crisis, Confusion.
  • You can't take the constant whining, nagging and complaining.
  • You are bored.
  • You don't feel like you once did about your partner.
Find the Answers You Need to Save Your Relationship!
Couples Therapy Retreats can save a marriage
Are any of the above relationships issues affecting your marriage? If so, then the luxury couples retreat at the Relationship Healing Resort can be a saving grace for your relationship.

If you want to re-connect with your spouse, if you want to laugh, love and appreciate one another again I can show you how. I'll walk you through every step of what is causing your relationship misery . . . and I guarantee you'll leave with understanding like never before. How can I be sure? Because I've helped many couples regain the love, respect and tenderness they thought they had lost.
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