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Primary Colors Personality by Dawn Billings

Dawn Billings is the architect of the highly acclaimed insight and communication tool called Primary Colors Personality Test. Dawn is also the author of over 20 books (see pictures below to see Dawn's books focused on communication, healing relationships and understanding personalities). Dawn is a relationship and communication expert, served in private counseling practice for over two decades. Dawn is an inventor of patented parenting child-development/communication system and an entrepreneur and CEO and founder of several diverse companies, including The Heart Link Women's Network and Executive Training Resort.


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A personal note from Dawn:


Couple's Relationship Help Retreat at The Healing Resort was created out of many years of tears, confusion, hopelessness, anger, frustration, complete failure,  and then finally, easy-to-understand and implement answers to finding relational happiness. 

I am the first one to admit that relationships are difficult to manage and maintain. I understand first-hand what tears marriages apart. Although I have been an advocate for marriage for over 45 years, I remember all too well when my marriage begin to fall apart.  I was married for 20 years. But then sadly, went through a divorce (a long story similar to anyone who is struggling with a relationship), but that fueled the fire within me to dedicate myself to understanding the root causes of discontent and divorce. 


I researched diligently, studied unceasingly, and created a way to help people fall in love once again by understanding the causes of relational destruction and finding the solution. After 12 years of being divorced, I used these same powerful secrets to save my marriage. Yes, after 12 years, my husband, and father of my children, and I remarried. The second time I said "I DO" I had a much better understanding of what I was saying and that is why the second time married is thousands of times better than the first. I will happily share these amazing relationship healing secrets with you.

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