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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Where is The Healing Resort located?

A: The Relationship Healing Resort is located in Mesa, Arizona. Simply fly into the very convenient Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. For pictures and more detailed information visit the retreat location page.

Medical, Psychological, Health, Wellness, Hormones, Relationships, Beauty and Anti-Aging

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Q : Why attend this Luxury Women's Retreat?

A: The Healing Resort is the perfect place to fall in love with your life again. If you are looking for information about menopausal issues, hormonal imbalances, fatigue, depression, or feel that you are losing your zest for life, take a couple of days for a vacation for your heart and soul. We have brought together a group of professionals that have served women and families for their entire lives.


Learn more about our team.



At The Healing Resort each of our women professionals is dedicated to helping you find answers to your most important and personal questions. Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, have questions your would like in depth answers to that your doctor doesn't have time to answer?


Do you want to join other like-minded women in their quest to learn how to bring their lives back to life? Need more connection and laughter in your life?


Whether is be health, hormones, aging, loss of energy and zeal, relationship issues, family or work stressors or an opportunity to enjoy anti-aging and beauty treatments that can make you feel beautiful once again. We have it all.

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Q: What do we bring?


A: Bring your most comfy clothes, curiosity, an open heart and most importantly, the issues you most need answers to resolve. This is your special luxury retreat. We have a vast array of services/professionals. Let us help you find the answers for your health, life, relationships and exhaustion. 


Q: What about the luxury accommodations?


A: The luxury accommodations are simply amazing. You will be treated like royalty. Check out resort pictures and suite selections here. See retreat gallery pictures.

Relationship Help Oriented Questions:

Couples Therapy Retreats

Q : Is the Relationship Help intensive traditional counseling or couple's therapy?


A: NO. I named this website The Healing Resort because the word therapy is defined as "a treatment intended to relieve or heal." The Healing Resort is designed to do exactly that, but instead of traditional therapy, The Relationship Healing Resort is an educational and personal insight experience curriculum based in part, on the Primary Colors Personality insight tool and relationship research that explains how the relational virus of entitlement is so deadly to relationships.


Q : What is Dawn Billings background and training?


A: Although Dawn has a master's degree in clinical psychology, her doctorate work was focused on the study of personality and organizational psychology. Dawn has over 45 years experience and expertise, has done extensive research and training in marriage and family issues, has authored many relationship books and programs, (such as and has trained other relationship professionals on how to better work with couples in distress. 


The Relationship Healing Resort focuses on creating new positive communication habits that will empower graduates, and insure that each attendee leaves with important new insights, personal understanding and relationship skills that will better enable them to reconnect, heal past wounds and learn to appreciation and value their partner.

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Q : What if there are addiction issues?


A: Although this workshop is not designed to overcome addictions, it can help an individual identify specific issues, personality tendencies, and entitled perceptions that contribute to additions and the insight gained will motivate individuals to seek help for their addictions in order to develop healthy relationships. We recommend that you address any addiction issues with an addiction specialist before you attend The Relationship Healing Resort.

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Q : What steps do we take to schedule a private couples intensive or introduction relationship coaching phone call with Dawn Billings?


A: 1. Call Dawn directly at 918-605-1492. Dawn's most popular couple's and individual intensives by far are her 2 day PRIVATE retreats. Dawn can speak with you and you can get a sense of her style and expertise and she can get a basic understanding of your hopes and needs. These private intensives are usually held at The Relationship Healing Resort, BUT you also have the option to fly Dawn to YOU at another location of your choice. Of course with this option you will need to provide airfare and additional expenses for your private personal intensive, but for some people, it is the option that best suits their needs. Dawn does do private sessions and  phone consultations for couples but with her schedule, she limits her phone sessions to individuals and couples who have attended her training as follow up support. Dawn also offers every attendee a follow-up 26 week Relationship Heal At Home program that takes just five minutes a day, but actually allows you to take Dawn home with you. The price of these follow-up programs are actually included in the cost of your luxury retreat, and is a superb follow up comprehensive relationship program that continues to teach and guide you once you have returned home.

2. Pack comfortable clothes, a bathing suit, have a conversation with our chef about your favorite foods or dietary restrictions and schedule your best time for your private intensive.

marriage counseling saves money

Q : How much does a 'multiple couples retreat' cost? When are they scheduled?


A: Multiple Couple's Healing Retreats only happen once a quarter and cost $2,500 for one person attending, and only $3,000 for two people or a couple to attend. Why do I mention two people? Because there are times when two very good friends, or another family member would like to attend the training instead of a spouse. This is fine and very often, the second person attending can support your chosen changes when you return home.  (*Note: To receive savings, both people must stay in same suite.)

B: If you choose to schedule Dawn for a 1-on-1 Private couple's intensive, this is by far the most popular option for couples, the price is $6,000 for the 2-day intensive at the luxury resort. Dawn's entire focus in on YOU. You will be working one-on-one with Dawn the entire couples retreat. This program is guaranteed. If you do not feel that you have gained insight and understanding into yourself and your partner, you will receive half of your money back. (This has never happened by the way.)


Q: Do you have an installment payment plan?


A: Yes, you can schedule monthly payments several months in advance so that you can more easily handle the expense of the training.

marriage help

Q: What if my spouse won't attend with me?


A:  If you and your spouse are planning to attend The Relationship Healing Resort together, then definitely take advantage of the savings and register to attend as a couple.


But if you're alone trying to heal YOU and understand how to save your marriage, then you want to attend on your own to be given the tools you need to single-handedly improve your situation and motivate your unwilling spouse to finally join you in the process. It does NOT take 2 to Tango. ONE PERSON CAN SAVE AND RESTORE A MARRIAGE. (Sometimes a dysfunctional and extreme marriage needs to die and be born again as the marriage God intended for you to share.) Dawn Billings will show you how.

save your marriage

Q. Can attending The Healing Resort Save My Marriage and help us to restore the love we most desire?


A: Absolutely yes, But it is up to you to take the tools and insights you gain from the training and follow up programs and commit to using them to heal the dysfunction of your current way of interacting with one another. Bad relationship habits happen automatically on auto-pilot. Dawn will help you recognize them, but only YOU can create new, loving and respectful ones to replace them.


If you are willing to learn a new, positive, respectful way of perceiving, and relating to, your partner healing miracles can definitely occur. (Like I mentioned above, sometimes a dysfunctional and extreme marriage has wounded its partners so that it is on life support. I have found that these marriages often need to die to their old ways of relating and be born again as the marriage God intended for you to share.)

couples therapy retreats can save a marriage

A personal note from Dawn:


I have done everything I can to make this unique learning experience the most reasonable, fun, relaxing and impactful way to help you strengthen, heal and save your marriage. Although I have been an advocate for marriage for over 45 years, I understand what happens to relationships that causes them to fail the people in them. I was married for 20 years. Got divorced and began to dedicate myself to understanding what causes marriages to end. I researched diligently, studied unceasingly, and created a way to help people fall in love again by learning the causes of relational destruction and finding the solution. After 12 years of being single, God used what I had learned to rebirth my marriage. Yes, after 12 years, my husband, and father of my children and I remarried and the second time is a thousand times better than the first. I will happily share these amazing relationship healing secrets with you.

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