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Come Discover Your Healing Answers at The Healing Resort

The Healing Resort is perfect for you when YOU, and/or your partner have fallen out of sync with one another. When you feel lost and confused, resentful and angry, or feel yourself pulling away from your partner. The Relationship Healing Resort is the perfect couples intensive retreat for you. Here you will find your way back to enjoying and appreciating your life and your relationships.

Everyone faces life, relationship, and often health challenges. Some people come through challenging times stronger, while others fall into a cycle of destruction where interactions go from bad to worse. If YOU, your mind, or your relationships needs healing attention, if you are arguing, confused, fighting, bitter and the thought of going home stresses you out, you should seriously consider taking advantage of the BEST last RESORT. Your life, your health, and your marriage are not supposed to make you miserable, tense, unhappy, or cause you to feel lost and lonely. If you are thinking about getting some help for YOU, or your relationship, I highly recommend coming to The Relationship Healing Resort where you can find yourself, and can save your relationship. Our relationships are one of our greatest gifts. Save yours before it’s too late.

Are You Experiencing Relationship Stressors?

Of course, people argue and disagree.   However, what some couples are experiencing feels more like the Hunger Games. Many people are confused and wonder “What went wrong? I started out so deeply in love.” Let me make it simple for you. It is likely that you have acclimated to your partner to the point that you no longer appreciate, respect and admire what they bring to the relationship. Or they have acclimated to you to the point that they no longer appreciate, respect or admire you. In these instances you can both narrow your focus in on only the things that make you frustrated and angry. 


Relationships are complicated and often difficult. If relationships were easy there wouldn’t be a nearly 50% divorce rate.  In order for you to understand “What went wrong?”, you must learn to better understand YOU, as well as your partner, by attaining greater wisdom that comes from great insight. Many people are afraid of how much intensives at the Healing Resort cost. It is a very practical and legitimate concern, but you have to ask yourself, “What is saving my sanity worth?" "What is saving my marriage worth?”  "What is finding the peace and joy I long for, worth?"

Some people wonder what is best, visiting a Psychologist or licensed counselor once a week for a period of time or experiencing a two-day intensive heal at the Healing Resort? The difference is that at a marriage intensive retreat you will be immersed in a luxurious, relaxing environment learning information and new strategies that can alter the way you “always-already” perceive and define your relationship. We all have narratives. Sometimes those narratives are literally destroying your relationship each time you repeat them. They become self-fulfilling prophecies. Learn to understand the present narratives that you and your partner experience with regard to one another, where those narratives originated, and how you can rewrite them to support a thriving, happy and connected relationship.


Will it be worth the time, energy and money? I have never had an individual or couple tell me they were disappointed, In fact, just the opposite! They all report their time at the healing resort was worth its weight in gold.   For YOU, your partner, and your children you should do what it takes to keep your marriage happy and alive. A couple’s therapy intensive retreat can save a marriage and the marriage it can save, is yours.

Are You Experiencing Health Stressors, of Want More Information About What's Going On in Your Body?

One of the most intense life stressors is being diagnosed with a critical illness, such as cancer. Everyone who loves you becomes anxious and terrified, as if you weren't terrified enough, all on your own. The world begins to spin like an out of control top and there seems to be no good step off point. What you need is peace, perspective, possibilities, solutions to basic relational problems and a safe space to process. That is one of the reasons why The Healing Resort was established.

At the Healing Resort we partner with other healing modalities that can help give you a head's up before life-threatening diseases take over your life. One of these modalities is thermal imagining. To learn more about how thermal imaging can help you discover places in your body that need attention before they become disease, please visit: Thermal Imagining Centers of America. You will be glad you did.

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